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Breaking News: Heath Ledger Dead


It’s ok – this isn’t a picture of Heath Ledger dead – it is him as The Joker. Looks like the last laugh was on him. He was found surrounded by pills. Dead. He was only 28. They think it is drug-related as opposed to suicide although he had a history of playing ‘suicidal characters’ so perhaps the method went a bit too far. I don’t know much about The Ledge but I think he had quite a le(d)gendary lifestyle by all accounts. Candle burnt a bit bright I guess….looks like he crammed a lot into those short years. Some people do.

Drugs kill kids. Don’t do’em. Even Amy Crackhouse has checked into rehab as of today. Perhaps The Sun film was all a bit too much after all.

Ian Dury put it so well: what a waste.

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