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Boilers and bustiers

Yes of course the title is a pathetic attempt to get more hits. I’m scaling down my operation people as blogspot is taking over my somewhat busy life of late. I will keep posting and will attempt to do another poohcast tonight (nurse! nurse!). I’ve also got a post planned on my trip to Twickers to see the Stones but for now you’ll have to make do with a picture I took of a booby boiler on the Silverlink – quite possibly the most infuriating train line ever and mainly full of weirdo’s, thieves and hoody-scum – but good people watching though. Had to change carriage as I think she might have noticed what I was doing. Whatevva! He was having a good ogle and all…


and here are her legs which actually look not bad – it was all much worse in the unkind light of the carriage I can assure you.


Went to Eel Pie Island on Saturday for a walk around (just after I missed Bob Swipe by a gnats hair at the BHF shop) which mainly consists of going over the bridge, ignoring the sign that says PRIVATE and walking down the path ogling at all the funny little hand-built houses – especially this one with lots of action men scaling the front shrubbery


and then getting to the dead end which smells of raw sewage – not nice – and turning back again passing a group of Scottish tourists on the way who were marvelling at it all despite the smell. At the end there is a very big house with a very big fence and a sign that says this:


Sort of sums up how I feel at the moment. Over and out.

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