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Got uber-blogitis. Ie: blogging has been feeling a bit like homework lately. I was thinking of giving up like the fabulous surlygirl but decided I’ll give it one more bash. To be fair – my head is a bit full with unsettled home things at the moment and I feel like I’m wading through blancmange some days. Had a bit of a Room 101 moment this week – bloody St George’s Day flags hanging out of white vans really piss me off. And people walking about with those horrid nylon tops with the flag on that too – hate it. Another little quibble is that I really wish people would stop whinging about how many Eastern Europeans there are everywhere. Yes, there do seem to be alot but so what? At least they are working and most likely being paid a pittance compared to what alot of us would be prepared to accept for the same job. There seems to be uproar down my road (mainly with the older residents) as the local shop has put a sign up saying ‘we now stock Polish food’. Integration – what’s wrong with that?

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