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Blogging from a minicab in the dark

I’m blogging from a mini-cab. When I initially wrote that I wrote – I’m bluffing from a can. In reality I am I suppose quite doing that – I’m blogging from a can hurtling at 50 mph ( that s more over the speed limit t thann is commonly allowed. This is what happens when you try and write something from a cab hut;iing along the A40 at the wrong (fast) speed. I have been wondering lately aboput my weird state of spelling and general being=ness. Mainly because my 5 year old son has neeb (been) hating school with a vengenance. Needless to say – a vengeance that I truly recognise .

He hates school. Can I just reiterate that I am typing this while being driven in a vehicle in the dark – goodness it’s chiming midnight on radio 4 and I can’t touch type and we have gone the most ridiculous way home. The childminder sits in waiting like a black widow. Whjat I can’t believe is that the head of the BNP has been acquitted. Goodness – this country is in one hell of a mess. It is very diffocult for me to type as I am doing it in the dark oin a minicab – I am – but – I do feel rather strongly that the leader of the BNP has a lot to answer for .

I’m really worried I have learning difficulties at 40 – today I wrote cello’s and wrote celleos instead.

It phased me.

I’ m a little bit tipsy and now I am home but even so – what a day!

New podcast coming soon – I love you all xxx I really do xx

PS: I have finshed this off whilst having a wee on the loo.

PPS: I have no boundaries

PPPS: Bag Of Yoghurt (why would you ever want a bag of yoghurt anyway?) – I’d like a drip or a handful of goat’s myself – this is to prove that no matter what happens you can blog anywhere anytime, any place of mind, thought, being, stance, feeling, beingness – on the loo having a wee which is precisely what I am doing right now. Do I care.


Does Britney have a fat thigh of roundness? Yes. So? That doesn’t make her a bad person.

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