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Blinded By The LIght

This is actually a post about weather and not a popular beat combo. But before I regale you with tales of my near electrocution yesterday does anyone know:

(a) what or who Manfred Mann actually is ie: why a band decided to name themselves after someone that sounds like they are a German taxidermist?

(b) what on earth ‘Blinded By the Light’ is actually about? Ie: ‘revved up like a deuce in the owner of the night’. God? Drugs? Motorbikes? All three? Answers on a grain of rice please.

So I am very pleased to announce that I am alive and well despite having started the school holidays as a single parent as of Tuesday last week. I don’t want to go into it too much here as this is not going to suddenly turn into a ‘my terrible broken life’ blog. All I will say is that it is for the best albeit terrifying and extremely focussing. Almost as terrifying as being on the phone during a flash storm yesterday to a friend. Whilst ‘telling her all about it’and as I was talking and just as I mentioned ‘him who snores/d like a bison’s’ name there was a big white streak or ball of something so electrically fast culminating in a huge bang outside, around my head and in the other room. I felt a judder underneath my feet – luckily covered in life-saving Converse. Of course, all my friend heard was a quick shrill shriek from me, a bang and then the line went dead. It was all a bit surreal. The phone kind of popped bang while I was talking and on examination seems to have exploded the answermachine. The outside of the house is ok. There was also some sort of a flashflood at the front of the house which means my car is now sporting a nice scratchy tide mark around it. No doubt more rain and flash floods will wash it off over the next few days. The squidget and I are off to a swimming pool party at a posh friends house today. Nothing like swimming in the rain – as long as there is no lightning then all will be fine. I guess I could always swim in my Converse?

PS: Happy Birthday Annie.

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