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Beta Blogger anyone?

Unlike Beta blockers it appears that beta blogger does not serve to calm your nerves. Apologies to all if they thought I haven’t been around over the last few days – I have – and I’ve tried to leave some nice comments too but Betta Slogger won’t let me. Has anyone got any idea why? Firstly, each time I log in as a Blogger account holder person it keeps making me re-do word verification which is my worst nightmare – really! Then I try to just be ‘other’ – same thing, then I just try to be bloody anonymous and it keeps just refreshing and not posting.

Anyone bored yet because I am.

Very. Oh well, at least Barry Manilow is on the Royal Variety Cock-up – bloody hell – I’ve just seen David Gest being introduced to HRH – what HAS the world come to? perhaps he was giving him tips on eyebrow tattoo techniques and spray on hair products?

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