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Barometer a la Pete Tong

(Out of respect I felt I had to leave Ron up for a decent amount of time – at least until the funeral had passed – which it now has). And so….

Each quarter I receive an e mail from a property auctioneer. I must have subscribed ages ago in a fit of pre-bust property nosiness. Anyway – this latest list I thought was a rather interesting and sombre barometric reminder of what is going on out there.

Our February sale once again contains a range of commercial investment properties located throughout the UK, including :- An unbroken modern City centre parade in Bradford part let to the local authority, Starbucks & J D Wetherspoon 8 Bank investments let to either HSBC Bank Plc, Nationwide, Barclays or Nationwide. 5 well let supermarket investments trading as Iceland 10 public house investments with surety from Punch Taverns A well located Department Store Investment let to Debenhams in Kings Lynn A restaurant investment let to Café Rouge in Ruislip Other investments let to Superdrug, Co-op, Clinton Cards, William Hill and BSM


Evidently it’s all going a bit ‘Pete Tong’….

Personally I would rather buy the Withnail cottage (if I had any spare cash – which I don’t!):

A snip apparently at £145,000 GBP. More details here.

Still depressed? Listen to my podcasts – bound to cheer you up (no I haven’t done a new one yet but am working on it!)

Ta ta. xx

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