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Ay-ite! You know dat!


Was guffawing along with the Westwood Show on Radio 1 last week. Yes, he’s the one on the left wearing a t shirt with his own face on the front. After all these years I cannot believe that he still talks with that RIDICULOUS accent. As a teenager I was a big fan of his show on Kiss in the pirate days. There is no doubt that he has been incredibly influential in terms of introducing hip hop and r’n’b into the mainstream in this country. But, why does he have to talk like that? On last week’s show he affected a stoned sounding laugh as if he was basking on a beach with a massive spliff in hand peppered with ‘you know dat, irie man, scene!’. Stop saying ‘you know dat’ I found myself bellowing at the radio in between choking on my supper which went down the wrong way because ‘I and I’ was laughing so much. The bishop’s son has done well. I think they should re-name his show Pimp My Accent.

We outta here. Sceeeene.

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