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‘Our first caller on line one: Disgruntled and annoyed of London – what would you like to get off your chest today’?

Me: This actually for being bloody poor AND because I meant to apply for it and forgot because I was working 18 thankless hrs a day on this for the bulk of April to July 07. It makes me want to…

Not that I think I am much better but I really am disappointed at the standard of the BBC Radio Talent Competition and even more cross with myself that I didn’t stay up that extra 19th hour to send off a bit of Listen With Rockmother when I had the chance. Oh well – I guess there is always next year. I see the oldest winner was Stacey – all of 31! Do you think they take 41 year olds? I have heard that mad bag lady Sarah Kennedy has gone a bit slurry and is ‘having a rest’. Perhaps I ought to send in an mp3 seeing as there have been 156 complaints about her bubbly replacement Davina McCall. I think I would rather listen to Sarah Kennedy slurring gibberish any day than bouncy Davina. Anyway – I am compiling a new poocast to be ejected forth this week I hope. In the meantime – all go HERE for a catch up.

Happy listening pop-pickers.

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