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A Very Modern President


See the entire set of Chez Obama’s Election Night on Flickr – great photo’s. It may be a bit slow and actually crashed while I was looking due to phenomenal traffic I am sure but they are a fantastic set of photo’s if you can stand the wait. I am still slightly reeling and over-emotional about what Barack Obama has achieved this week and how it has touched the world. The night before I found myself (uncommonly for me as a total non-believer) praying to god, allah, vashti, buddha, fire, water, any force anywhere that could hear me please please please could Obama do it. I have never forgotten seeing Martin Luther King’s incredibly and unknowingly prophetic speech on a tv documentary as a 12 year old and experiencing real emotion from a speech for the very first time – and every time thereafter when I heard it. It really does reduce me to watery rubble every time. The day before I re-visited that speech on youtube – it really is very special and particularly inspiring and prescient considering the events of this week. In stark contrast, I was struck how dishevelled and Ceaucescu-like Bush looked (in a cheap crumpled-suit morally broken sort of way) when he gave his not particularly interesting congrat speech. I was also struck how shockingly inept Palin was when in a radio interview only yesterday she had the stupidity to announce that she thought they (big fat white bible-eating middle Americans) lost because she had been portrayed so badly by the media. Madam? Did we have a choice? Is Africa a continent or country? Get to the back of the class. (As you clearly have none).

I wish we had a Barack I really do.

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