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a hazy day today

A squirrel runs across the street and the patient wren sits quietly on the nest in the bush outside the window. Feeling a bit jaded and I can’t do any work today. I am in the middle of an MA and we had our end of year drinks last night. One too many red wines I fear mixed with working mother duties at some ungodly hour this morning. I never used to feel this tired – surely?

Am new to this blog thing. This is my very first blog and I am worried about being boring. Everyone elses blogs look great and are so interesting. And then I realised that all of these worries are nothing compared to the terrible things that are happening in the world. All morning I have been haunted by the last picture taken of Nick Berg alive. I was struck by the way he looked – like a tiny, frightened child wanting his parents. So vulnerable and helpless. I wish I hadn’t read that he had screamed as his head had been cut off. I wish that none of it had ever happened. I am truly ashamed to be known as British. It’s all got so out of hand.

Anyway I shall attempt to cheer up and post more thoughts soon. In the meantime I will attempt to brush up on ‘how to make your blog look nice’ and ‘how to post pictures’ etc. If my blog in anyway could look like my mates over at bowblog and catfunt I would be really pleased. Check it out…

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