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A Hazy 3rd Birthday to me


Yes – believe it or not – I actually made these biscuits. We had to throw them away in the end as they were truely disgusting. They were purchased as ‘Dinosaur Cookies’ Kit no artificial flavouring or colours! Yipee I thought – perfect except we (I) put too much water in the so they became random blobs as the dinosaur cutter wouldn’t work and it all got a bit messy. On the plate you will see I managed to make a robin (bottom left) and an E – (sort of two o’ clockish), and a sort of pretend stegosauros (pure fluke I tell you) at the very bottom of the plate. They tasted of water, grass and polyfilla all mixed up and then baked for too long. The main ingredient I noticed was chlorophyll – hence the weird grass taste. We both just bit into them, spat them out onto the floor (as 5 and 40 yr olds are wont to do when they don’t like something) and just laughed and laughed. And then I put them in the bin. Hope you like looking at them.

Anyway – it’s A Hazy Day Today’s official 3rd birthday. Thank you to all my loyal and beautifully lovely and clever and charming and supportive and downright gorgeously special readers. Feel free to peruse the archives – I was going to link to the best, the worst, the bad and the ugly but I just can’t be bothered – sorry. And if you can’t be bothered to do that then you can listen to the entire backlog of Listen With Rockmother here.

Here’s a free rock t-shirt picture for the forthcoming calendar (as sponsored by Toilet Duck and Benylin4Flu mixture – for those dull days when nothing else matters…)

I’m three to do what I want any old time I said I’m three to do what I want any old tiiiiime I said Love me Hold me Love me Hold me Because I’m THREE! blah blah blah (name that tune and you get a free Romo calendar!).

Back off to do some more cleaning and play loud music – it is Sunday after all.

Big kisses and hugs my little beauties xxxx

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