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I bloody love Kate Bush and realised recently that I always have. I love her unique, singular approach to her music and use of melody and rhythm. I love the fact that she ‘tried’ performing live and ‘didn’t like it’ so just didn’t ever do it again. Brilliant. I wish life was as simple as that for normal, everyday folk. I’m not so much of a fan that I like absolutely everything she has done but what I do like is enough. It might be just my imagination but I think Alison Goldfrapp has taken quite a few leaves out of La Bush’s book over the years? I’m sure somewhere along the line there is an influence lurking there.

I was once approached by a drunken man at a petrol station on Kilburn High Road trying to sell me a really manky carpet and swearing blind I was Kate Bush. Oh how I wish! I chose to pass on the carpet.

It’s been a truly mixed week musically – I’ve been listening to alot of Hard Fi – I’m liking ‘Cash Machine’ alot. Check out Team 9 ‘Clash Machine’ download from here. I’ve played it to death! As well as a sudden penchant for ridiculous narrative country music such as Pickup Man and Friday Night Fight At Al’s and Prop Me Up Against The Jukebox If I Die. Great on the skaggy North London Link at rush hour. God I hate that line – it never works.

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