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I have something to admit. I’m really not stupid I promise but I had a real Olive from On the Buses moment this morning. I’ve always wondered what the abbreviation LOL stands for when people post a comment etc. and I’ve been very confused for a very long time genuinely wondering why people sometimes pepper their posts with what I though was an abbreviation for Lots of Love. Doh. Doh and Doh again. I overhead a woman in the Starbucks queue this morning describing an e mail she sent to some friend and she did the whole inverted comma’s action “laughing out loud” with her fingers. Halle-bloody-luja – it’s only taken quite a few years to click but at least now I know what the hell people are going on about. I’m not really one for abbreviations so I don’t T I B U I I T F (that’s “think I’ll be using it in the future” for all you abbrevo’s). Lots of Love xxx

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