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Yeah Boooyyyyzzzzzz!


Yes – it a Flavor Flav alarm clock. Instead of waking up to John Humphries or Sarah Kennedy (if you are that way inclined…god forbid…is she off the sauce yet?) or an annoying buzz you can wake up to Flavor Flav ex-wearer of massive comedy clock around his neck dancer/rapper with Public Enemy. Believe it or not – these are very rare and there is one up for grabs on ebay here.

I think I have to have it. Imagine waking up every morning to someone shouting “Fight the Power!” Apparently Flavor Flav topped the People Magazine’s Poll of America’s Top Ten Ugliest People – that’s not very nice is it? He seems to have now cornered the market in reality tv specials and sitcom so he can’t be doing that badly. A friend of mine worked with him years ago and said “He is mad but he’s really nice!”.

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