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Well, apologies for appalling blogsilence but my logic board died on my computer whilst working in Argentina recently – in the middle of a presentation of some photo’s at a very important meeting. I stayed calm…. I got a new logic board fitted within 48 hours but since then my hard drive is struggling. Buying a lovely new one tomorrow…it’s about time. In the meantime I’m considering filing a suit against Apple (hhmm…I’m really going to win that one). I really do think I have a good case. Count one: was originally sold a brand new ibook with known (to them not me) faulty logic board. So I was sold knowingly faulty goods for starters – I think that’s against the law… Count two: faulty logic board replaced after 9 months and waited a month for new part – wholly unacceptable – only to find out recently that Count Three: that the second logic board that replaced the first one was also part of a faulty batch hence am now on logic board three within a year. I think I have a good case to make them give me a new computer for nothing don’t you?

Anyway……not much to report – had three days at home with family at Christmas and then went to Argentina to work.

Here’s a good sunset over Buenos Aires


Here’s a cool location we shot at


Here’s an old Ford Falcon – there are alot of these in Buenos Aires


I really loved Buenos Aires – the place, the people – possibly too much beef for me but the beef I had was the best ever. The poverty made me sad – I hate seeing people and especially kids in filthy, dire and desperate states and I saw quite alot of that. I was also really lucky to go to Patagonia briefly – quite possibly the most exquisite and beautiful place I have ever been fortunate enough to visit. I’m going to dig out my old, battered copy of Bruce Chatwin’s great book In Patagonia and re-visit. Soundtrack to my trip: an eclectic mix of Hard-Fi, assorted mainly old school Hip-Hop, The Clash, Stevie Winwood, Motorhead, Sly and The Family Stone, Roland Kirk, Snoop Dogg, Pixies, Janes Addiction and some classic 80’s. Yes – I think the mid-life crisis has finally hit – the big 40 next week! More soon……….

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