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The Clement Freud Memorial Blogmeet

Date: Fri 17 April 2009 Time: 19:00 > Venue: The French House (a pub that only serves halves as Billy so rightly pointed out)


Well I did meet the beautiful and radiant Miss Slaminsky at Amy Winehouse’s other home The Hawley Arms in Camden first where I manically tweeted “Pixie Geldof’s in da house and she is dead posh in her cycling shorts and big boots”. Couldn’t help myself sorry. Yaaaawnn.

Then we hot-footed it off (still talking ten to the dozen like proper girls do when they get together) to blogmeetarama en Soho. There we hooked up with him, her and him. Oh we had such a lovely time despite the rain and all being kissed by a happy grateful homeless man who came up and rather honestly claimed he needed money for booze. At which point Billy piped up saying “oh at least he didn’t say heroin’ at which point Mr Footman said to the man “oh I would have had to give you a fiver if you had asked me for that!”. The man was very pleased with his cull of money and went out of his way to say thank you by kissing each and every one of us on the cheek. I think he admired our honesty too in a way. It sort of made my chin go a bit itchy though but probably because I am prone to a winning combination of over-imagination and sensitive skin. Amidst waxing lyrical over Derek Griffiths and Tim’s (or was it Llewtrah’s?) relationship to Brian Cant (brothers wife’s sister’s husband I think) conversation turned to the late Clement Freud. Tim told this joke – one of Clement’s finest. So for those of you that weren’t there and in the absence of my inability to whip up a blogmeet manifesto mainly because there is a very good one here I therefore furnish you with ‘that’ joke:

Bye bye Clement. Bye bye JG Ballard too. Hurray for meetings of blog.

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