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That Barking Sex Doll PIcture and others from my phone


Yes – they were having a picnic in the NCP car park in Richmond last Wednesday. Insane.


Filming in Barking – oh the beauty.


That sex doll from Barking – strangled with her own arms. I discovered her when I went for a wee. Wasn’t nice. But I wee’d all the same.


More poor sex doll from Barking.


Unfortunately I knocked all the precariously placed cans off the shelf with a soft rubber ball at a funfair – much to the delight of my son and to the total bemusement of the stall owner seeing as no one is ever meant to win. Come on Scooby – let’s strap you in. He’s going ‘on holiday’ soon. It’s a one-way ticket I think.


One of Boy George’s entourage outside gay bar Profiles opposite work – quite possibly the worst track suit of all time. D&G leopard polyester reflective nightmare.


Out walking on the Thames embankment with my Dad – I presume it is paint.


The only time I have ever toe’d the line.


My Dad made and stuck this to a bag of birthday presents for me much earlier this year and wonders why he ‘got so many funny looks’ on the tube while he was carrying it.


Graffiti – haven’t got a clue what it all means.


Family with a tiny dog and deep plum hair having an argument outside Carluccio’s. Mother kept quiet. I’m not surprised. She looked a bit disappointed too. Weary.

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