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Sunny Duets of Sunny

One of my all time favourite songs is Sunny. There are many versions in existence – Stevie Wonder, Georgie Fame, Bobby Hebb and even James Brown and the Dee Felice Trio as featured on one of my earlier podcasts at some point within the last year. But here is really one of the finest and now very rare and unique versions of that song: Tom Jones and Ella Fitzgerald from a Tom Jones TV Special in 1970. I have the entire show on a very worn vhs tape which bears half a torn sticker with Tom Jones DO NOT ERASE scribbled across it in faded pencil. In fact – I must get it transferred to dvd before it totally crumbles. It features Tom Jones singing with Joe Cocker, Little Richard, Johnny Cash, Ella Fitzgerald and others. It really is wonderful. After years of searching youtube it has finally surfaced – it is at the wrong aspect ratio but nevermind – it really is something else. Here it is:

Tom Jones – the only welshman with soul and Ella whose voice sounded so young and so sweet even as an old lady. How to do a cover version properly page one. I hope you enjoyed it.

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