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Reasons To Be Cheerful


I love the silver and black Marilyn wallpaper of Maxim’s Sex Shop in Soho and I have been meaning to photograph it for years. I haven’t ventured into the shop proper. Somehow I don’t think their budget extended to classy wallpaper for the main shop do you? What if they decide to give it a bit of a spruce up and paint over it in Magnolia or Misty Buff – it would be such a shame.

I went for a walk.

Anna and Pat – Pat and Anna. They obviously feel enough for each other to do this:


I must go and see if it is still there this week. Perhaps taxpayers money extends to bolt-cutting people’s padlocked love for each other off random London bridges? Perhaps Pat or Anna might get fed up and have to do it themselves one day?

My favourite font of all time – because it reminds me of the beauty of Letraset and a bygone age:


If you want to know how to write or spell ‘wet paint’ in Chinese – please refer here:


Or you could lose yourself in these reflections instead:


Or you could look down and watch this person having a quiet moment by the river instead:


Then you could look up and see the beautiful lanterns fluttering in the breeze (again):


Or just go somewhere else and work out which one you’ve got. I’ve got that one, that one and that one…



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