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Hands up who feels like this this morning? Or some of you might still be lying in bed with furry tongue and a cold flannel on your head? This is commonly known as post-quiz syndrome. A raucous time was had by all – and a total of 544 entries. A bit like a virtual pub crawl (thanks Billy for that analogy) – we started in earnest over at the Mollsters. Someone somehow froze her ability to send anything anywhere so we had to jump ship to Billy’s. The ghost in the machine tracked us down. Where was Derek Acorah when we needed him? So off we jollied to Swipers. Gosh darn it – people started getting locked out again so all back to mine. A collective 44 points all I think although by that time at least three kegs of Watneys Red Barrel, 8 pints of Creme De Menthe Frappe, a crate of Archers and several fine bottles of red wine – not to mention various snacks – had been consumed. What a hoot! Thanks Molly for organising it and everyone for not maintaining decorum at all times. Cheerio.

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