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ponies in prague


ponies in prague Originally uploaded by rockmother.

Ladies and Gentlemen…I give you…the charming Ponies of Prague! Walked around the corner from my hotel and saw this. Apparently, they only put this on in the square at Christmas for the children. The ponies looked quite happy and I couldn’t see any signs of sadness or maltreatment. I’d quite like to see this in England but I think the government has changed all the laws that say anyone can actually have any fun!

Which reminds me…I got a work call from a German Producer the other day enquiring (amongst other things) as to whether I had a good weekend ‘binge-drinking’?! Apparently, the European news programmes (and ours for that matter) are full of items on how our nation is gripped by a binge-drinking epidemic. I was flabbergasted so I said ‘yeah, it was great thanks but the Crack was better’. Short silence…”sorry I said, only joking” And then he laughed saying “oh, don’t mention the war”. At which point I completely lost track about precisely what we were meant to be discussing and where this rather surreal conversation was going. I was going to say something like ‘well, no wonder we bloody won it’ but decided to be the consummate professional and divert the conversation to something more relevant other than binge-drinking, doing crack and WW2!

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