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National Poetry Day

Sorry – I had a wobble. I woke up this morning and realised it’s National Poetry Day. Was looking for a poem I wrote when I was really young in an old notebook but I couldn’t find it – I think some of the books are packed away. I found another book from 1999. Here’s a poem from it. It has no title but is dated March 18th 1999

I went to the sea and I saw you I watched the waves and I thought of you I smelled the froth on the waves and Realised that you weren’t there at all How far do you go? How deep is your life that you hide at the bottom of the sea? Hiding it hard under all the silt and sand Buried, buried, buried so far and so hard In times of strife I was taught to be a deep sea diver Now I am searching for those hidden treasures You think you’ve buried them so far away But I can find them I seek and I search to the ends of the earth to find The buried treasure you have left for me To find when all is lost

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