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Yes – it’s finally here. My first proper podcast. It started off on the kitchen table and ended up in bed mainly because it took so bloody long to do despite the fact it’s only 45 mins long. I hope you all like it. I began with the intention of dedicating tracks to all (5) of my readers and then got side-tracked. Those that I neglected will be on the next installment I promise. I’ve been waiting for an ext mic which finally turned up yesterday. Looks like it’s incompatible with my powerbook and then I realised I could have used the built-in mic all along. It’s not as good as an ext mic so do bear with us here at Rockmother Radio. Do drop me a line and let me know what you think. I’ve obviously got delusions of grandeur already – I mean, it’s not like it’s a live radio show or anything but I forgot when I was doing it that it wasn’t. That’s probably why it took so long as I did the thing normal dj’s do like dance around to the tracks and drink copious amounts of alcohol while they were playing instead of just cobbling it all together quickly and going to bed at a decent time. Anyway – here it is. Woof woof as Arnold (Ed Stewpot’s dog) would say.

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