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Just call me Rumsfield!


Ie: clumsy and crap at explaining anything and should be barred from speaking or uttering anything again! Further to my previous post – mainly a flippant and not particularly serious remark re: why do Americans call those in authority (including their Dad) Sir? Wavy Davy Gravy or whatever he choses to call himself which changes on a daily basis by the way, was right when he politely pointed out that it is a stereotype perpetuated in part by mainstream tv. I agree – my images of people speaking like that generally are conjured up from films as opposed to real life. Although I was called ‘Ma’am’ and ‘Miss’ quite alot in Memphis when I visited there. When I went to visit my great afore-mentioned friend Wavy Wobbly Gravy (or whatever he calls himself) in Boston last year he called me ‘ashtray’ (a play on my real name – and one I quite like actually). Oh, and once in Bakersfield I got asked for my id and then was asked ‘your not from around here, arr yuuu? Er, no my good man. Good morrow and fair thee well.

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