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I’m Just A Love Machine

Geoff and Betty are off on holiday to sunny blobby Cornwall so I thought I’d do a quick post especially for them – something to talk about on the journey – especially impossibly yellow tight shorts. This clip made me realise where I must have got inspiration for this from.

Yes! Paula Yates of course. Anyway – here she is looking rather fab in tight rock t-shirt and leather jeans reclining on an unmade bed (where else?) with Jools reminiscing about how impossibly fabulous Wham’s version of ‘Love Machine’ actually was on the Tube in 1983. And I have to say – it is rather brilliant. Have a lovely holiday Betty and Geoff – I guess we’ll all be here wittering away about the good old days when you are back. Don’t go into any of those fancy tea-shops with tinternet connections and locally knitted potplants will you?

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