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I am currently on a big Mark E Smith and The Fall tip (exacerbated by working with him this week but that will be on a future post). Imperial Wax Solvent is the only good album to come out this year as far as I am concerned. I listened to bits and bobs of The Fall as a kid mainly through the transistor that was hidden under my pillow tinkling out scratchy John Peel programmes. I managed to tape Industrial Estate onto a cassette and played it one bored teenage weekend to my square best friend who only liked The Beatles and Neil Diamond at the time.

‘Isn’t it great’? I shouted ‘No’ she replied wincing….’it’s unemployment music’.

That made me like it even more.

Here is a great track from the current album.

The kids of today have a lot to learn – like playing instruments properly for a start! The current Fall line-up is probably one of the best for years. Onto…..

Outrage of the Week: A Domino’s Pizza flyer came through my front door yesterday advertising “Meatball Mayhem” The Official ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Pizza. Flaming Nora. It looks like a bunch of bollocks on a pizza to me. Evil American-style branding gone mad and encouraging more people to watch crap telly while munching their way through more fat and salt. Hideous.

Prior to that squeezing it’s way through my letterbox of discontent – on my way home yesterday I noticed a semi-local pub had stuck a BNP poster to it’s sandwich board just outside the front door. I un-pinned it, scrunched it into a ball and posted it through a Royal Mail letterbox. The owner of the pub came out and tried to have a go – plop! too late! I found it so offensive I thought that that was probably the best way of getting rid of it so no one else could read it – or be reminded to vote for them. I then finished the day off nicely by subjecting myself to Celebrity Rehab – brain bleach brain bleach. Nurse! nurse! Prick my boil! Bank Holiday podcast coming your way soon.

Check out my other podcasts here! Don’t forget to vote!

Lastly – a ridiculous German in a ridiculous jacket interviews Mark E Smith in 1989.

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