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I Am An Idiot


Rather scarily my hard drive is nearly full. This is mainly due to the fact I have nearly 6000 photo’s stored in my iPhoto. 6000!? I know – and most of them are of my son or his things (see above) or really unflattering ones he has taken of me whilst I’m driving the car or extreme close ups of my bottom as I am bending over in my bikini on holiday – horrendous . And I have a lot of music stored too. Big hefty files. So I bought an external pocket drive. Today I transferred all my photo’s across to it which means I can now delete the originals on the hard drive in order to free up space. Yes. That makes perfect sense. Even though I know and can see that all of the photo’s have transferred successfully to the external drive I can not bring myself to delete the originals clogging up the hard drive. I just can’t do it. I have a mortal fear of something going wrong and losing the photo’s forever. I am a true idiot. A dolt. A silly bird. So I’m going to take it into work on Monday and embarrass myself further by showing it all to an IT person and sit there while they look at me pretending not to show that they think I am a total moron whilst convincing me that it really is absolutely fine just to delete the files. All 8GB of them. But before I do – here are some I took today of the Squidget and a balloon that we drew a face onto and released.


She gazes adoringly…



Media_httpbp0bloggerc_vowje…I’m not sure


Off she goes…(excuse the pyjamas)


Well, it’s better than watching telly or pulling wings off flies or doing sensible things like deleting files you don’t need anymore because you have just made a perfectly good back-up copy.

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