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Humorous = Annoying (Sometimes)


Perhaps it is just me but as I was mooching in the Books Section of last week’s Observer (this week on major catch-up) it irked me that Bill Bryson is suddenly top of the books list….yaawwwwn…….again……zzzzz. I’m sure he is a very nice man but I find his cheerful, humorous writing rather annoying. For me I think he tries a bit too hard. His latest book is not a ‘humorous travel book’, a ‘cheerful travelling companion’ but a memoir.

You can read all about how Bill was made a CBE and read an excerpt from his latest The Life And Times of the Thunderbolt Kid here.

Mind you what do I know? I had to google ‘spelling humourous’ to work out how to spell it properly. Apparently the American way is the universal rule. Perhaps I should have consulted one of Bill Bryson’s other publications: Bill Bryson’s Book of Troublesome Words?

Bill Bryson books I have read: A Walk In the Woods, Notes From An Island and In A Sunburned Country (didn’t finish).

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