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Go On Keith!

This is perfect rock behaviour at it’s finest – especially for all you die-hard Keith addicts out there and for Dick Headley.

I’m still working like a drone on a massive music project – can’t tell you what it is as I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement. Sorry! Will be able to spill the beans once I’ve delivered it – hopefully at the end of this week. And no, contrary to Mr Headley’s evil net rumours I will be delivering a job not a baby just in case you were all getting confused. Got a podcast brewing by the way – I’m hoping to get to it this weekend which will be the first I will have not been working on for oh………5 weeks? If you are new to this blog and thinking of getting a job in television or film – think twice – it’s not glamorous and very hard work. It is worse (probably marginally) than student doctors hours.

I inadvertently inhaled crack last night in an NCP lift as well. I walked into a carpark lift and got a scare when confronted with a lurching crackhead sucking on his pipe. It all happened really quickly. I was really friendly and said : “oh, you gave me a fright” thinking he would just go on his way but no, he shouted back “yeah I gave YOU a fright what do YOU think YOU are DOING? (very aggressively whilst staring at me).

Luckily, I was with my very tall friend Simon who had offered to walk me to my car. Thank God he did as I was previously quite insistent that it wasn’t neccesary. Thank you Simon.

Meanwhile, wheezing crackman is still ranging around and I sort of have an out of body experience seeing him punch me in the face any minute now. I could see him thinking about it and could also see his thoughts were scrambled. He was so aggressive and his eyes were blackly dead. It was horrible – his angry eyes were boring into me and he wouldn’t let it go. Luckily, he didn’t go there and finally staggered off still being menacing. Then, we got into the lift and as the doors shut were overcome with seering crack fumes – as if someone had tipped a bucket of bleach over us. Then I got palpitations probably from panic rather than inhaling! I’ve had flashbacks of it all day – it was really scary. London, where the streets are paved with crap! It’s so depressing.

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