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Get Down!

If you have had a shit week like me then watch this – it will make you feel so much better. You may even want to get down yourself my little funkateers. Soul Train – my favourite childhood programme apart from The Good Life, Rising Damp and George and Mildred. But seriously – what great dancing? This clip is from Soul Train 1971 – there is even some early robotics in there – fantastic. So twitch your noses and click your ruby slippers and be transported back….back…….baaaaaack.

And just to finish off – a selection of tv ads from 1977 including Atora suet in a bag! Pam Ayres Eat Meat Campaign poem! Early McDonalds – see the beginning of obesity timebomb – back to the scene of the crime!and some ad for non VPL panties! How simple our lives used to be……..

Sayonara pop-pickers x

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