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Can’t Stay Long

Well, youtube stuff never materialised – sorry. I’ll try again when I’m not so busy. Got a big,scary work day tomorrow and am meant to be finishing off preparing everything for it – instead I’m skiving by blogging – terrible. And I’m in bed too and I’m really tired and slurping gotosleep herbal tea. I’m half tempted to go to sleep now and just do it all in the morning from 05:30. I find it very difficult to work unless I do it under pressure, I’m invariably always slightly late, leave most things to the last minute and tend to daydream quite alot. I’ve never had a 9-5 job in my life. On the rare occasions I’ve come home early I feel a bit lost like I should be doing something. The one redeeming feature in amongst all that dreadfulness is that I am incredibly organised. Thank god for that. Right – back to work. Normal service will resume shortly. Hang loose my little blogarators. xxx

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