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Yes – it’s a big plug. If you like good music then all go here – the first from Roberta Swipe (wayward schizophrenic sister of Bob). She’s stolen all Bob’s records and taken them to LA. She’s really famous and plays golf with Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson although I think he only caddied yesterday as he was a bit upset about his divorce. Anyway – check it out pop-pickers – it’s lumming good.

Here are ten things I’ve been meaning to blog about but didn’t because I got too caught up commenting and amassing a huge pile of detritus to put up on yawnbay.

1. Charlie Drake finally popping his clogs.

He was in the same Twickenham nursing home as Fluff and Norman Wisdom. An absolute unique living gem of a bygone era. At least they are now all together chortling away in poptastic comedy special heaven.

2. My shock and horror having to witness Amy Winehouse massacring Monkey Man on Jools Holland at New Year. That part of the show should be aired in all schools to show children the first-hand and immediate effects of drugs and drink.


It was a shocker. And why did she keep hitching up her dress like a music hall scrubber? Although……her Don’t Go To Strangers duet with dodgy-haired Weller at the end was a peach. Before and after eating disorder etc is a bit rough isn’t it? Let’s hope she gets better soon.

3. The Apple i-phone is here.


I hate being seduced so easily by technology but it really does look good on the site. Cafe Del Nightmare has a good piece on it here. I’ll probably only get round to getting one when my Nokia packs up – I hate all this must get the latest phone nonsense.

4. US airstrikes on Somalia – don’t get me started!

Can someone just kill Bush – it would be so much easier. I took this photo in Hackney last year. Dismop are a punk band by the way.

5. The fact that both Barbera (of Hanna Barbera) and Iwao Takamoto (legendary animator of Scooby Doo, Flintstones et al) died within a month of each other.


Their output and artistry was phenomenal. My photo doesn’t really do it justice what with the double-take homo-erotic theme I seemed to catch on the fly. Oh well. There was a subtext to Scooby after all. If it wasn’t for those pesky snoopin’ kids.

6. And panicking slightly


as my Dad is starting a blog – it’s called wet paint. I’ll link to it when it’s up and running.

7. David Bowie is 60. Happy Birthday Dave.


You are still bloody cool. This is Steven Spratt – he’s a top Bowie lookalike just in case you were wondering.

8. I got mildly excited as I thought Little Chef might be history or left to rack and ruin like this one in Norfolk.


but it’s been saved at last knock-ins. If they could do one thing – I wish they could stop all of their food tasting like heavily fried bread and your clothes smelling of heavily fried bread after having nipped in to use the loo!

9. Currently listening to Gasoline Alley by Rod Stewart. Lovely.

10. Planning a new podcast. Watch this space.

Ok off back to photograph the huge mound of detritus I’m selling on ebay. Can’t stand it – people ask you such annoying questions. Would it fit in my car? Can you put in a cab to Withenshawe? Would my blind niece like it? Aaaarrrrggghhhh!

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