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In 2012, legendary Chic guitarist and Music Producer Nile Rodgers threw a free pre-concert party for his fans in NY. This is a film about Nile Rodgers and his fans - some of whom he hadn't seen for 40 years and some who he was meeting for the first time.

What does it mean to be a fan? How does one behave when one is a fan? And what do fans do or say?

We Are Family is an observational film that got made in response to a dare set by the very subject of the film himself, Nile Rodgers. Rodgers - guitarist for Chic and prolific music Producer has in the last couple of years experienced many things: he has written an extremely successful autobiography, he has battled cancer and has through his illness reached out to his fans via his blog - his self described 'e-family'.

As a Chic fan and reader of his blog I saw he had planned to throw a pre-concert party in his hometown of New York in order to meet as many fans as possible. This was also the first time Chic had performed in their hometown for many years. As a throwaway comment I wrote 'that would make a great little film' to which he replied 'Just do it'.

So I did.

Suddenly I found myself hurtling to New York on airmiles armed with the prospect of shooting a film on my own in two hours with no light and the seed of an idea. I hoped to get peachy interviews with fans old and new, young and downright quirky. And yes I think I got that. We Are Family - is a film about fans by a fan. It is also a study of how people connect with each other.

Camera: Astrid Edwards
Editor : Phil Currie/Astrid Edwards
Sound Engineer : Hass Hassan
Telecine Operator : Simon Bourne
Post-Production : Framestore London

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